Second Sight

  The city has given way to the country. Gaudy shopfronts have become apartment buildings, bridges, hulking billboards and now, suddenly, there is only low morning sunlight, dazzling through skinny trees. As always, I am amazed at how quickly New York City can be left behind. I had that same thought last year, on my

Here Come the Brides

I have been excited about this wedding for weeks. Ridiculously so. The night before, it is hard to find sleep. Lying in bed, I am wondering what they’re going to be wearing, if they’ll have written their own vows, if they’ll walk in together or if someone will give them away. The way I’m carrying

Journalist Peachy Deegan reviewed ‘What Might Have Been Me’ earlier this year and because she and her panel really liked the novel she followed it up with an interview. We covered a lot of ground – everything from my writing process to ‘What Might Have Been Me’to my favourite Manhattan spots and soy chai lattes

Voting is open for the Fascination Awards and my blog is nominated in the Creative Writing Category! To vote click on the link below, scroll to the very end of the nominations (I am the last one) and click on the +1 symbol. I am new to Google+ but I think that’s how it works!

I just found out that my blog has been nominated for a Fascination Award: 2012’s Most Fascinating Creative Writing Teacher blog. Seemingly someone nominated me and the comments posted in response to my posts prove my content inspires my audience and creates discussion! Reading that last sentence (a sentence every writer wants to read) I

Thirteen Boxes

The boxes take up nearly all the floor space. I count them quickly. ‘Twelve?’ ‘Thirteen,’ the delivery man says. I count again. He’s right. I sign. He leaves, grumbling one last time that the building needs an elevator. Each of the boxes says ‘Cassidy, New York’ in red marker, and something about that makes the

Bar 82 Reading NYC March 5th

First New York reading of What Might Have Been Me took place in Bar 82 in the Lower East Side on Monday night. To see the reading and find out what the title means check out the video on the Facebook page.!/whatmighthavebeenme

Commenting on this blog!

I know a lot of people have previously been unable to comment on this blog so I just wanted to let you know I have adjusted to settings so everyone can comment freely! As you can see I don’t always post that often but more frequently updated content such as book reviews, info on readings