Irish Writer - I'm Right Here

I’m Right Here

Cassie believes she has inherited a gift from her Grandfather that that allows her to communicate with the dead. E.L. is a slave girl who worked on a cotton plantation 150 years before Cassie was born. Cassie and E.L. co-narrate this absorbing novel – a story of loss, abandonment and the resilience of friendship.
“A page-turner … calls to mind Alice Walker’s The Color Purple … imaginative and absorbing”Irish Independent

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How Many Letters Are in Goodbye?

Rhea Farrell was too young when her mother died to remember much about her. Now a teenager and homeless on the streets of Manhattan, Rhea finds herself a tourist in her mother’s past. Through writing letters to her, Rhea tries to understand more about the woman her mother was – and the woman she is becoming.

2017 Rainbow List Top 10 Book – American Library Association

“A very well constructed story of tragic loss, self-discovery, and love.”Sunday Independent

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What Might Have Been Me

Carla Matthew’s decision to stay in New York while all her friends returned to college in Dublin was an easy one. She was in love with Eddie, with the city, with the version of herself she knew she could be here. But ten years on things don’t look like she had imagined. And when her sister Suzanne calls out of the blue to tell her about her mother’s illness, this time she faces a decision that’s not so easy to make.

“Cassidy writes with tenderness and scenes between mother and daughter – and between sisters – are genuinely affecting.”The Sunday Times

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The Other Boy

In London, JP Whelan has reinvented himself. He has a successful career, a beautiful girlfriend and a baby daughter he adores. But when his estranged brother Dessie shows up on his doorstep, ready to spill secrets of their past in Dublin, JP’s old life threatens to destroy his new one. And he’s not sure just how far he will go to protect it.

“A highly compelling tale…littered with bitterness, revenge, lies and a hugely gripping plot. A real page turner.” RTE Guide

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