I love to teach creative writing!

I’ve taught all types of students, from teens to seniors, top New York professionals to homeless or formerly homeless writers at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. For me, what’s so much fun is helping each individual writer find their own writing voice and the story they want to tell. As someone who was a student for many years, it’s fun to design a class by taking elements I especially liked and learned from my teachers along the way, as well as sharing my own creative process.
Above all else, I try to ensure that my classes are fun and that students feel safe enough to take risks with their work. Having a supportive writing community was key to me getting my first novel published – writing can be lonely at times, and it helps to have friends who are on the same path.
Currently, I am teaching two creative writing classes in Manhattan – at the Jewish Community Center Manhattan and the Irish Arts Center.

For full details of class schedules, visit their websites:

“Yvonne is a gifted teacher who is very warm and supportive in class.” – JCC Student, Spring 2017
“This was my first writing class and I was very nervous! I’m so so glad I signed up. I’ve enjoyed each session very much and it’s opened up writing for me. Yvonne is a brilliant teacher and creates a lovely atmosphere.” – IAC Student, Fall 2017
“Ms. Cassidy was very supportive and gave meaningful feedback. The class gave me more confidence in my writing.” – IAC Student, Fall 2017
“This is my third time taking class with Yvonne. Once it is over I can’t wait to sign up again.” – JCC Student, Fall 2017