Dublin as Unesco City of Literature

Nice article in today’s Irish Times, where Eileen Battersby examines why Dublin, a city “firmly planted on a bedrock of words” deserves to be a designated Unesco City of Literature. http://m.irishtimes.com/newspaper/features/2010/0727/1224275538933.html?via=rel Below is an edited timeline from the Dublin Unesco website dublincityofliterature.com Eighth-century Book of Kells created. Housed in Trinity College Dublin since 1661 Twelth-century

Advice from Other Writers

One of the things I like to dip into (sometimes as an excuse to put off doing any actual writing) is to read advice and tips from other writers. Below is a list of 10 good writing tips from Zadie Smith which I received via e-mail from Gotham Writers’ Workshops, originally published by The Guardian.

A morning well spent

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited along to a writers’ workshop with Brenda Flanagan, novelist, poet and short story writer who also happens to be a Cultural Ambassador for the US embassy. The night before, I’d been to see Brenda read at the embassy, although “perform” would be a better word for it.

First Post

OK, so this is my first post. I am pretty much posting to myself, so I guess I can say anything at this point. The question that’s in my head is why I am starting this blog? Do I have time to keep a blog? I know that the way to make a blog work