Advice from Other Writers

One of the things I like to dip into (sometimes as an excuse to put off doing any actual writing) is to read advice and tips from other writers.

Below is a list of 10 good writing tips from Zadie Smith which I received via e-mail from Gotham Writers’ Workshops, originally published by The Guardian.

I like it because a lot of it is just sensible advice – ‘work on a computer that is disconnected from the internet’ although I think for most of us it might be a little late to take up her first point…


  1. Thanks for posting that list though I fear I may have stopped at number 1! Is shaping up to be a great blog. BTW not sure if you've seen this but interesting post on The Anti Room about absence of women writers on the Booker list this year? Here ye go;

  2. Hey thanks for that Bernie, I will check it out, no hadn't seen it. You've sent me on some great links to other writers before – AL Kennedy one which I can't seem to find, so if you have it do send on again!

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