Breakfast at Ballymount…

OK technically it should be breakfast ‘in’ Ballymount, but it wouldn’t have had the same impact really, would it?

So this morning was my TV debut on TV3’s Ireland AM. I have to admit I was pretty nervous about it yesterday. I’m not sure what I was afraid might happen but all sorts of scenarios flashed through my mind: getting tangled in my words, getting tangled in the camera cables, last night I even had a dream that I was changing into my dress in the bathroom and my dress fell down the toilet (Freud would have field day with that, I’m sure) but I’m happy to say nothing awful happened, in fact I think I’d go so far as to say it went ‘ok.’

I think what dissolved my nerves this morning was just how ordinary the whole thing was, like arriving for a work meeting really, everyone had their job and just got on with it; the make up woman, the meet and greet guy. Even when we were getting set up on the red couch with our microphones there were people all over the place asking each other how they enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and and someone in the corner of the set was drinking coffee and reading the paper while two feet away the anchors were reading the news in front of a blue screen.

The item was nine minutes and it seemed more like nine seconds. I was on with 2 other writers, Sarah Webb and Collette Caddle, both who write different types of novels than I do so while at times I did feel like the odd woman out I guess that’s good territory to mine for any writer?

So all in all, I’m glad it’s over and might even do it again. Just to say thanks to Ais and Jo for their Mark Cagney impressions over the weekend, they were good for a laugh if nothing else.

If they put the interview online I’ll post a link for anyone who feels like a lunchtime laugh and the chance to check out how natural ‘fake bake’ can appear in a TV studio setting..


  1. Wow Yvonne, well done!!! Hope it's the first of many TV appearances. And having seen you do "behind the scenes" TV work, I've no doubt you were a natural in front of the camera.

  2. Kar

    Yay! Yv that's brilliant! I'm off now to have a look at Ev's link


  3. I posted a comment here last week but for some reason has disappeared – I think I need a crash course in blogging.. Thanks a mill for the feedback everyone!

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