The Book Club









Ten years ago today,

I went to a book club

in a coffee shop

on 8th Street

in the Village,

to meet people I didn’t know,

and discuss a book

I’d never read.


Oh, and it was a lesbian book club.

Did I mention that already?


She asked me afterwards

why I’d do that,

on the second day of my vacation,

when there were so many other things to do

in New York City?


She had a beautiful smile,

this woman who asked me,

I noticed that straight away,

how it went all the way up to her eyes.


I took her number.

And later, I kissed her.

And later still, I married her.

Today, I’m writing this for her.


I never did get around to reading the book.


  1. Danielle


    I love this and I love you ❤️
    That was a very special day. “Fate” is definitely a good word to describe our meeting! 🌈😘 143x

  2. Jerry


    But the book you’re gonna be writing about bring with this amazing woman is gonna be a best seller. And not because I’m prejudiced

  3. Reply

    Hi Ye Yvonne,

    That is beautiful, and I’m so happy for you. It really sounds beautiful, you may not remember me? I hung out with you in Dalkey
    I’m Don Rorke. I was part of the Blackrock crowd, I meet Paul tonight and he told me you were in New York, but this, this is amazing
    I loved our chats together and thank you for just (that should be underlined) being you. My last feature film was about the trans community, art show in a rural part of Ireland and it’s positivity to the community. Please let me know how you are gettting on

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