‘I paid them to read my book’

Now I work in marketing and I’ve actually thought about this before. I remember how, when I lived in London, that seeing what people were reading on the Tube was a real barometer of how well a book was doing and often would start a conversation about a particular book when I got into work. Planting commuters to read your book seems like a sensible thing to do to promote it.

Well, Jennifer Belle, New York author of ‘ The Seven Year Bitch’ has beaten me to it. Not only did she hire and pay actresses to read her book but she also auditioned them to make sure their laughs sounded just right when they were chortling their way through it as well. Crazy? Maybe, but check out how it’s worked for her..


Anyone want to sign up to reading ‘The Other Boy’ on the DART?!


  1. Kar

    I read your book on the Luas a couple of times, does that count?
    It's a great idea, I say go for it!

  2. Hi Yvonne, I'm a writer like you. Well done for getting published; I know how hard it is. My book The Girl in the Wardrobe was published this year, it won the Listowel inaugural memoir award. My website is http://www.jennifer-farrell.com. The forward and back page are there and some short story extracts. Cheers Jennifer

  3. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for the post and well done both for getting published and for winning the Listowel award. There's always stiff competition there!

    I just had a look at your website too, I love the little story about Nuala O'F. I love her stuff too but sadly never had the pleasure of meeting her.

    Keep in touch,


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