I’m a regular reviewer for UK magazine The Tablet.  Here is a selection of books that I’ve reviewed in the last year.
The Pleasant Light of Day Brooklyn The Year of the Flood

Out of the darkness, into the light.
The Pleasant Light of Day by Philip O’Ceallaigh

“Growing older people found dull ways to make life bearable. Or perhaps did not find any way.” The effects of the passage of time is not a new theme, but it is one that feels new in the hands of Philip O’Ceallaigh.
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Reading between the lines
Brooklyn b
y Colm Toibin

When The Master was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2004, it was Colm Toibin’s second time to come within touching distance of the award.
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A word of warning
The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

“We’re using up the Earth. It’s almost gone,” observes Toby, one of only two apparent survivors of the “waterless flood”,  a virus that has spread with frightening speed to wipe out most of the human race.
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The Rivers of Heaven Skippy Dies

The Language of Letting Go
The Rivers of Heaven by Anthony Gardner

The Rivers of Heaven is a novel where the past is never far away and for each of its three protagonists yesterday seems to hold more promise than tomorrow. The two main strands of narrative are that of Sebastian and Stella, two characters living very different lives within the same city.
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Life Lessons
Skippy Dies by Paul Murray

Set over the course of a single term in elite boarding school Seabrook College for Boys, Skippy Dies is Irish writer Paul Murray’s second novel.
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